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Tự học lập trình để code ra ứng dụng - Learn code app Bus om telolet

 Learn code app Bus om telolet Learn how to code games Robot and relax with sound bus om telolet om pianika basuri. Sound bus om telolet om basuri unlock each level. Learn how to code for beginners ✔ Code for beginners contains 50 Level Lessons ✔ Advanced mission: Let's harvest diamonds on the way ✔ Learn how to code and build strong coding logic in your beginners ✔ The sequence structure (Level 01 -> 20): Help the robot get home ✔ The selection structure (Level 21 -> 40) IF the gate closes THEN the robot cannot go home ✔ The iteration structure (Level 41 -> 50): Use only 4 commands repeat 3 times ✔ NEW: Sound bus om telolet om basuri unlock each level ✔ ★ Om Telolet Om (also known as #OmTeloletOm) is a social media meme that depicts Indonesian youths' excitement when a bus driver honks a modified horn in a rhythmic manner as they pass by. This phenomenon becomes popular after a video was uploaded to social media taken in Jepara on the island of Java. The video shows a